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RENAUTUS JAL Original Watch
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Thank you for purchasing “RENAUTUS JAL Original Watch”.
This product comes with an engraving service that allows you to engrave your desired name on the back of the watch. Please check the notes below, fill out the form, and send the product to us.



  • This service is a basic incidental service, and the engraving service fee is included in the product.
  • Please pay the shipping fee when sending the item to us.
  • Our shipping fee is free only within Japan.
  • If the delivery area is outside of Japan, we will contact you again for the delivery fee. Payment for shipping charges will be made online.

  • After submitting the form, please send the item to the address below.

    RENAUTUS Co.,Ltd.
    545-1 Kabata-cho Tenri-shi
    *Please pay the shipping fee to us.


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